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Surf Zone is Cabo Verde’s professional Kite and Windsurfing school and has been in operation in SAL for 14 years. It is the longest standing independent Kite and Windsurf school in Cape Verde. Located on the island of Sal, the 2 Surf Zone schools offer only private and semi private lessons (2 people per instructor). This is to ensure safety, quality instruction, as well as to allow clients to learn the sport in the shortest time possible. In addition to lessons, both schools rent a wide range of professional windsurf, kitesurf, and surf equipment.

The reason that Surf Zone has chosen Sal as its home, is because until now, it has remained a well kept secret as one of the world's best Kite, Wind, and Surfing environments. Not only does it offer some of the best waves in the world, but for those surfers not keen on waves, the island provides 4 excellent and unique spots, all within a 20min radius.

Surf Zone Locations: GOOGLE MAPS (click here to find us)

Locations: Surf Zone has 2 locations on the island (see map).

1 Surf Zone has a school in the Bay of Santa Maria, in the beach club of the Morabeza Hotel. Between points 1 and 4, is where kite lessons take place in this bay. Between 3 and 4 is the area in which most people windsurf.

2 Surf Zone also has a school is on the west coast on the beach in front of the Riu hotel (5min car ride from Bay of Santa Maria or 20min walk). Between points 2 and 5, is another windsurf and kitesurf zone. When the wind direction is favorable we also take clients here for kite lessons. * Please see our map page for more detailed information on all the kite, wind and surf spots on the island.

Please go to GOOGLE MAPS TO FIND US: Surf Zone Sal, Cabo Verde and Cabo Verde, Surf Zone Riu Hotel

The Team: Surf zone is owned and staffed by surfers with a strong business acumen. Our team is a multicultural mix of excellent wind surfers, kite surfers and surfers who have been living and surfing this island for over 5 years, some have been here all their lives. Our present team has been together for 5 years and as such offers a very friendly and personal environment. More importantly all our team members offer the highest level of instruction and assistance to all our customers, with a strong emphasis on safety. 

Equipment: Surf Zone equipment is up dated every year to ensure that clients have access to the latest material. However, Surf Zone also keeps older material that remains in good shape, to provide clients with a more affordable price range, while still being able to have access to newer materials. In an effort  to remain environmentally friendly, Surf Zone tries to recycle material or sell off old material to beginners wanting something good, something cheap, and something they do not feel so bad battering around on the ocean.

Kite Material: F-one Bandit and Volt and Core Kites

Wind Surf Material: Gun/North sails and Fanatic Boards

Languages: Surf Zone provides rental support and instruction in English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Safety: Surf Zone excels in its attention to safety and ensures there is always an emergency rescue boat on hand. As an added bonus Surf Zone now has its own local style Fishing boat as a back up rescue boat. When it is not out rescuing and there is no wind, the boat is equipped with its own local fisher king, offering some good ol pole fishing.

WIND To have an idea what the wind will be like when you are here go the link below for the 7 day forecast: